There are many powerful features in SpareManager. The following pages give you some ideas how they are presented. The pages can be customized to your own specifications if necessary.

Manage Spares and Spare Request

You can view missing players and search spares by Date, Games, Teams or individual players on this page. It has two tables. The “Spares Schedules” table shows who are missing, and their replacements if filled. The “Spares Requests” table shows spares that do not have a game and have requested to play. In the “Spares Requests” table, you can see the phone numbers and email addresses of the spares so that you can contact them. It also shows important information for each spare, such as ranking, games they have played to date (GTD) and games played in the last 5 games (L5G).

Manage Spares

Search Options

Select one of the six Search Options to fit your need. Illustration below shows the result of a search by a range of ranks. An auto email can be sent to all spares or select only those you wish to send email to.

Summary of Missing and Replacing Players

This summary box shows the total number of regular players missing and whether they have been replaced. Also whether it is done by the players or by the Spare coordinator.

The details part shows who have been replaced by who, plus the date and time of when it happened, and whether the entry is done by the spares coordinator or by the player.

Number of Games Missed by Regulars and Number of games played by spares

The summary page also shows the total number of games missed by each regular player and the total number of games played by each Spare. This allows you to see the activities of all the players to make informed decision.

Player Account

SpareManger has a function to manage each player account such as billing; payment of membership fee and entry of spares fees, etc. allowing all players to view real time information of their account activities.

The following shows the account information of a player, including some detail transactions.